Best Way To Look Attractive – Top 10 Most Attractive Traits


How To Look Attractive

Do you know How to look attractive? What girls want in men? How to impress the girls? So here you are on right article and now you are going to know about itand precisely.

Here we Effort For Change have collected all the information and try to give you more ideas and tips about attractive traits girls want in a man.

Old-factory System helps in look attractive :

Old factory system is related to nose factory system from where you used to take or know about different smell. Generally, A girls have 1.5 times more  old-factory neurons power in comparison of boys. Which means a guy most be conscious because it helps to attract people or let them away with you. So we need to care on unnecessary odor. Like your mouth odor, body odor. A guy think this is not much more needed phenomena but in fact Girls are taking its first priority because they have strong power of smell by their strong old-factory neurons(power). So you must care these things to reduce your odor to be fine in front of girls.


  • At least, Do Brush twice in a day, your teeth may play the vital role in the conversation time by looking shining.
  • Use always mouth wash that helps to keep glowing on your face.
  • always carry Chewing gum yourself and use it when you go to face the people because it helps to reduce your mouth odor.
  • Use best perfume before leave outside as per you can afford.Your good body smell helps to attract girl more.

Cleanliness helps to look attractive :

This is one of the part that What women like in men. most of the people neglected about cleanliness. sometime they used to go outside without shower, without saving their beard. They forget to do care or maintain on their beard but in fact if you want to look more attractive or handsome then you must be careful on cleanliness and do care on cleanliness look always.


  • If you have beard then use beard product to maintain your beard or use razor to maintain.
  • Clean-shave have natural looks. It gives look professional and it also gives you confidence.
  • as per recommend use gillet-mac 3 turbo because it has high quality which keeps shine on your skin too.
  • Remove excessive hair like patchy bearded, hair on your nose,hair on ears.
  • maintain your nails,if a nails have dirt then remove it or clean it because girls do not like dirty nails and their looks as well.
  • Clothes hygiene maintained, if you have high quality clothes but it has stinks,it looks like crumpled then it looks dirty so care on it which is play most important role to attract girl more.

Communication Skill helps in look attractive :

There are two types of communication skills which matter the most,

1. Expressed communication skills:

what we talked with others, what we give thought to others by using sounds that is called expressed communication skills.

2. Silent communication skills:

without sounds what we talked through our smile, our face sign, our eyes that is called silent communication skills.


  • Body language must be open. Never fold you hand always be open or
  • Take your hand in side when you are going to interact in front of people then
  • Use slightly your hand that gives you confidence.
  • Do eye contact while you conversation with them

Positivity helps in look attractive :

What girls like in men

Your positive aspects decide that how to look attractive and attract the girls mostly because positivity is the main key to attract people in most of the girl case it plays main role. If you want attract the people then you must give positive vibes.


  • Give small smile to give positive vibe with open body language.
  • Do love yourself at first and then spread the love to your close to whom you going to interaction.
  • Do not be more quite in-front of girls, give them company and be frankly.

Fitness Helps in look attractive :

Most of the girls want basic muscle natural looks. being a fat is not good, but being fit in look is necessary. Your fitness leads your confidence, your confidence helps to attract people towards you.


  • stay away from sugar, if you can’t avoid it then minimize it at least.
  • Do regular basic exercise to be fit or good looking by naturally.

Posture determines your personality

How to look attractive
Image Source: wikihow

Your Posture Decide your look attractive or UN-attractive. Do not let people to judge you as a loser just because of your posture, your body language or your UN-attractive looks.


  • Be the confidence where you are, but in limit not excessively than needed.
  • always keep your back Side straight.
  • Do your Chest slightly out.
  • Let your shoulder slightly back

 Passion helps in look attractive :

Every time your true Passion play the role in your life to look attractive because By seeing Your passion through a girl find Look attractive so Be passionate for something what you really like to do. For example be the passionate for dog, for fitness or for dressing whatever you have true love on it.


  • Passion gives you a topic which helps to Keep more interesting conversation because a girl wants to talk more with them who have more interesting topic.
  • It helps to grow on your communication skills.
  • Give your good opinion on which may be her side as positive aspects or do question them about their related topics. That attract the girl very much.

 Honesty and humility helps in look attractive :

Being an honesty and humble is the main thing to attract girl or other people else. Do an honest behave respect them. Most of the people start to say about their achievement which let boring So never do the same mistake and Never talk about your achievement until they do not like to know it.


  • Do not lie about your achievement, Be an honesty one.
  • Be humble and respectable while you conversation with people.

Good manner Helps in look attractive :

many of people do not care about it but it plays the most important role.Be the good listener at first and later respond them as related manner whatever you like but in true sense.


  • Be the good listener at first and later give your good opinion on them.
  • Use magical words like, please, sorry , thank you which also let them good feel on you.
  • Never walk equally with girls just Walk to the side or behind
  • always open the door for ladies and let them go first which is the most needed role to attract girl.

Original style helps in look attractive :

Never copied other style just choose your best and make your own original style whatever you like to do doesn’t matter but be the conscious never do copy others matter. be the original person.


  • Make your own original style and be the decent
  • Your originally attract the people most than copying.
  • Original gives you more confidence.

So here are the tips and what girls most like and see the qualities in men just do follow and make the change and good looking on guys.

Thank you for reading till last this our articles, we hope that it will be good information and tips for you so please be stay with us to get more ideas tips and information and do not forget to give feedback us.